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DIY Ice Skate Sharpening, Do-it-Yourself Skate Sharpener

Sparx, Your Do-It-Yourself Skate Sharpener

If you're the kind of DIY person who need their ice skates sharpened, the Sparx Sharpener is perfect for you. It's affordable and easy to use and can be done right from home so you can do it yourself.

No more running to the Pro Shop after every nicked blade or trying to battle through a lost edge. Now anyone, anywhere with no prior skate sharpening experience can get a pro-level ice hockey skate sharpener so you can do it yourself whenever and wherever you want.

Thousands of customers across the U.S. and Canada are sharpening on Sparx including individuals, families, teams, rink operators and retailers.

More DIY Skate Sharpening Resources 

Ice Skate Sharpening: Radius of Hollow

If you're going to sharpen your ice skates DIY-style, it's probably a good idea to first learn about this concept. Radius is the distance from the center of a circle to its outer edge (a measurement) and Hollow is a cut or depression in something. In our case, it’s the concave groove that is ground into the bottom of the skating surface. Learn more about Radius of Hollow

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