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It’s time for hockey players throughout Toronto and Ontario to elevate their game with the Sparx Skate Sharpener.

The Sparx Skate Sharpener is an affordable, automated product that allows anyone, anywhere, with no prior skate sharpening experience, to easily sharpen hockey and figure skates with pro-level accuracy. Thousands of customers in Toronto and Canada are currently sharpening their skates with Sparx, including individuals, families, teams, rink operators and pro shops. Currently, 25 NHL teams are utilizing the Sparx Skate Sharpener, including the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Don’t wait for another Toronto hockey season to go by without the Sparx Skate Sharpener! Order yours today!


Trusted By The Game's Best

Utilized by top professional players and leagues throughout the world, Sparx delivers the consistency and accuracy needed in today's fast-paced game.

Precision Machined

The Sparx Grinding Ring is laser inspected at 30 points to ensure uniform hollow depth resulting in a consistent feeling every time you step on the ice.

Time Saver

The Sparx Sharpener allows Pro Hockey Life to deliver precise and accurate skate sharpening with reduced wait times. Choose from 16 different hollows and get a professional-level sharpening in just minutes.

Profile Maintained

The constant pressure, RPM, and translation speed of the Sparx Sharpener ensures equal steel removal resulting in a blade that holds it's profile for life.

The Sparx Sharpener - NHL Player Feedback

Matt Cullen, Tanner Pearson, Thomas Vanek and Matt Grzelyck are just a few of the NHL players that use a Sparx Sharpener to maintain their edges. Hear directly from these elite players on how Sparx Hockey is changing the game with professional-level hockey skate sharpening done at home.


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