Close up of Sparx figure skate adapter on white background
Figure  skate in sparx sharpener
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Figure Skate Adapter - Sparx Sharpener 2/Sparx Sharpener 3

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*This figure skate adapter is compatible with the new Sparx Sharpener 2 (2020) and Sparx Sharpener 3 (2023).  It is NOT compatible with First Generation Sparx Sharpener. Please Choose "Original Figure Skate Adapter" for use with first generation Sparx Sharpener.**

Does the Sparx work on figure skates? It sure does, with the help of this nifty little adapter that allows Sparx to sharpen where you want to and not where you don't.

*NOTE*- These adapters do not work with all types of blades. If you skate on something other than a standard figure skate blade, we recommend writing to Sparx customer service; include the brand and model of your skate blade and we will let you know if the adapters will work for you.