Maintenance Kit - Sparx Sharpener 2/Sparx Sharpener 3

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*This Air Filter is compatible with the the Sparx Sharpener 2 (2020) and Sparx Sharpener 3 (2023). It is NOT compatible with the 1st Generation Sparx Sharpener (ES100)*

Make sure you keep your Sparx Sharpener in top condition with the Sparx Filter and Sharpener Maintenance Kit. This kit includes everything you need to keep your machine clean and running smooth. **Recommended Use - Every 200 Sharpenings***

Replaces Standalone Air Filter 


  • Air Filter
  • Wipes to clean the body of the Sharpener
  • Glass Wipes for a clean, clear sharpener glass
  • Lubricant for the Clamp Lever